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VIP Experiences

VIP Experience Options

Meet & Scream provides you with a way to share intimate experiences, exclusive merchandise, and valuable time with your fans! We offer a variety of tailored experiences that engage our clients and their fans, uniting them with activities that are unique, memorable, and worth the extra dollar that they spend for VIP Packages.

Meet & Greet

At the core of any great VIP Package is the classic meet and greet with the band! This experience consists of a photo opportunity, casual mingling with members, and sometimes a Q&A session during which fans can ask you their burning questions!

Kan Jam

A little bit of friendly competition between you and your fans is a great way to leave them with lasting memories of their VIP experience with you. Kan Jam is a frisbee-golf style game that gets everybody up and moving and having a great time.


Cornhole, the ever-classic beanbag-tossing game is one that provides a great opportunity for fans to get to know you. Play with and/or against your fans!

Bucket Ball follows a traditional Beer-pong-style setup and game play, but at 10X the size! Players bounce balls into five-gallon buckets, and the winning team of this giant game goes home with giant bragging rights!

Bucket Ball

Musical chairs is fun, but musical merch takes the age-old game to an all-new level, it’s like a listening party, but with free stuff involved! Get up, get moving, and watch your fans pick up fabulous merch along the way.

Musical Merch

Another way to get your fans excited is to raffle off merchandise, that is then hand-delivered to your fans by you! Use your natural energy to mingle and get them excited about the drawings! This experience is easily adapted to your specific brand, and is a very versatile and flexible option.


We are always looking to develop new VIP experiences for our clients and their fans. All ideas are welcome!

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